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[The Errors of Inerrancy: A ten-part series on why Biblical Inerrancy censors the Scriptures and divides Evangelicals.] #7. Biblical Inerrancy's Myth-Making Machine, Unveiled Proponents of Biblical Inerrancy perpetuate a myth that the Church has always declared the Bible to be error-free, including minute details of science and history. History tells us a different story, […]
Gerard Dou (source:wikipedia) Jack Rogers and Donald McKim's historical analysis of the Doctrine of the Inspiration of Scriptures, The Authority and Inspiration of the Bible (AIB), created a firestorm in the late 1970's due its conclusion that the Reformers' Doctrine of Inspiration (exemplified by John Calvin and the Westminster Confession of Faith) was […]
I was surprised to read a short letter from John Calvin written to Laelius Socinus. It was Laelius Socinus's rationalism that caused him to doubt many orthodox beliefs, often in the name of reason, and as a radical reformer of the 16th century he pioneered the ideas that his disciples formalized […]
Francis Turretin (1623–1687) or François Turretini was a Reformed Theologian who taught in Calvin's academy in Geneva a couple generations after John Calvin had died. He is most famous for his timeless and massive systematic theology titled: ...