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Time and Eternity Time and Eternity is a challenging theological puzzle to understand (and explain!) Biblical speaking, Eternity is not the same as endless-Time. Time is a one-way arrow of successive moments that started 'in the beginning' (Gen 1:1) that runs irreversibly forward until the 'last day' when 'time shall be no more' […]
My family has been members for years at Mars Hill Church. I served there in various ministries, as a Deacon, and for the past two years as a Pastor. This summer, we left Mars Hill to join Trinitas Church, a church plant within the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Although […]
I found a small book at Half Price Books titled, Essays on the Lord's Supper (amazon), which contained Oscar Cullman's essay: The Meaning of the Lord's Supper in Primitive Christianity. The entire essay is available online within the Google Books Previ...