Top 5 PostBarthian Posts of 2014

Top 5 PostBarthian Posts of 2014

The Top 5 Posts of 2014:

1. A Letter from Jürgen Moltmann
A personal letter that I received from Moltmann answering questions on how to apply the Crucified God for pastoring parents who have lost young children.

2. Karl Barth's Letter to Jürgen Moltmann and related correspondences
Barth's full correspondence with Moltmann.

3. Karl Barth's Doctrine of Baptism and Rejection of Infant Baptism
Barth rejected Infant Baptism, but not for the reasons commonly believed.

4. John Calvin believed the Original Autographs of the Bible had Errors
The Reformers did not hold to modern literal theories of inspiration of the Bible, as popularly thought.

5. Hans Urs Von Balthasar on Dare We Hope for Universal Salvation
May we hope for Universalism?

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